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At just three months old, Karma’s cardiologist told us she was in danger of immanent left-sided heart failure. Read Karma’s Story

When Ellie was diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition that required expensive surgery, Ellie’s mom had to think fast. Read Ellie’s Story

“There were many people who questioned my sanity when they heard that I was willingly rescuing a dog with a congenital heart defect,” Erin said, “including my husband!” Read Layla’s Story

You wouldn’t know from this picture, but Diesel has a very serious and incurable heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. Read Diesel’s Story

Knowing that Marley Mae has ARVC makes her mom cherish every moment she has the privilege of sharing with her. Read Marley’s Story

The pound Pepper came from thought she was having seizures, but it turned out to be worse than that. Read Pepper’s Story

“[After heart surgery] when he runs, his face doesn’t turn red, nor does he gasp for air!” Read Punchy’s Story

“Even with all of the other things demanding her time and attention, Silver’s mom took action on her behalf.” Read Silver’s Story.

Mitral valve dysplasia is one of the most common congenital heart disorders in cats, and poor Oreo fell victim to this genetic anomaly. Read Oreo’s Story

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From the BlogOctober 23
A Brief Interruption in our Regularly Scheduled Programming
By Christy Drackett

Hello Fans, Followers, Donors, and Supporters of BHF!

It is Christy, your humble founder and program director here! And, I am very excited to tell you about a significant change happening within BHF’s financial aid program.

Up until now, I have been personally handling...

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